Renaissance Women's Healthcare, PA

O-Shot™ with Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma comes from your own blood and contains several different growth factors and cytokines that stimulate healing. Once PRP is injected, it repairs and regenerates the tissue. Some of the growth factors and other cytokines present in PRP include:

    • platelet-derived growth factor
    • transforming growth factor beta
    • fibroblast growth factor
    • vascular endothelial growth factor
    • epidermal growth factor
    • Interleukin 8
    • keratinocyte grwth factor
    • connective tissue growth factor

Platelet Rich Plasma is injected into an area near the clitoris and just inside the vagina, beneath the urethra. The PRP stimulates the growth of new cells, vessels, collagen, and fibroblasts in this area, making it more sensitive and healthy.

O-Shot™ Benefits

    • Increased Stimulation
    • Increased nNatural Lubrication
    • Increase Ability to Have a Vaginal Orgasm
    • May Decrease Stress Urinary Incontinence
    • Quick In-Office Procedure
    • No-Risk of an Allergic Reaction
    • Virtually Painless

O-Shot™ with Platelet Rich Plasma